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5 Reasons why air ambulance is an effective solution in crises?

Lets know the 5 reasons

Air ambulance is a service that enables the safe transport of patients to and from hospitals, as in case of emergency.

The idea behind the air ambulance is that it provides quick care for the patient and gets them to where they need to be. Air ambulance generally consists of a helicopter, equipped with medical staff and facilities, who will fly patients in extreme cases. This includes those in automobile accidents or heart attacks requiring immediate transportation, among others. Most air ambulances are set up by local authorities who invest into this service and make sure there’s always one on standby depending on demand.

Why Air ambulance

Let’s see the 5 reasons why air ambulance is effective solution

Reason 1 – Air ambulance is Faster

Yes, air ambulance is faster than ground transportation. As we all know, critical situations require immediate action, and most of the time that means moving the patient as quickly as possible. With proper training and experience, paramedics in an air ambulance can reach their destination in mere minutes after take-off compared to hours by road. However, depending on the distance and terrain, ground transportation can be just as quick.

Health systems such as Hong Kong or Japan have developed a system where helicopters are available for medical emergencies within 15 minutes of call-out and before embarking the helicopter they will be informed on the latest weather and wind conditions at the landing site. This has cut response times from hours to what is effectively minutes.

Reason 2 – Cost effective

Depending on the area you’re transporting to, an average patient can cost between $2000-$10,000. This includes transporting the patient to a hospital, doctor visits prior to transport, the actual helicopter ride and equipment used during transportation. By comparison, it costs around $50-$150 per mile for ground transportation in most areas of the United States while air ambulances cost around $120 per mile. It’s all supply and demand when it comes down to it that makes air ambulances less expensive than ground ones.

Reason 3 – Increased Quality of Care

Air ambulances are usually equipped with the best technology and equipment. From defibrillators, oxygen tanks and portable monitors, they have the equipment necessary to provide the finest care to their patients. This can be a life-saving option when your patient is critically ill and needs emergency treatment by paramedics in an air ambulance as soon as possible. The difference in technological advancements also allows doctors to treat patients that wouldn’t be suitable for ground transportation because of their condition or location.

Reason 4 – Faster Discharge

The average hospital stay for air ambulance patients is seldom more than 4 hours. That’s a lot less time than the traditional 6-hour stay. Sometimes, air ambulance patients can return home even sooner if their condition allows. With a quicker medical treatment, the patient can be on the way back to their own bed fast. For longer flights, doctors will try to fit in treatment before landing so as not to have passengers wait around at night and risk getting sick because of travelling. The benefit of this option is that it reduces anxiety and stress during a crisis, making it easier to focus on patients’ needs and helping them recover faster and heal better.

Reason 5 – Better Access

Air ambulances have better access to remote areas of the world. These areas might not have roads or any kind of transportation at all, making it difficult to move sick and injured people. Sometimes just getting a simple bed onto a helicopter is difficult, but with a well-trained team the patient can be moved in seconds. People in these remote locations don’t necessarily have the best medical facilities and equipment, making it so taking your time to transfer patients onto an air ambulance ensures they can make it to a hospital safely and fast. Even just having more options for getting patients from one area to another will help them get better treatment and stay healthier in general.


Air ambulances are a great addition to an already packed medical system. It helps in emergency cases where moving people to hospitals can be challenging and expensive. Some of the biggest benefits of air ambulance are quicker treatment that allows doctors to concentrate on the patient’s needs, better access in remote locations, and less stress for patients and their families because they have more options for getting help quickly.