Air Ambulance Service in Patna

Air ambulance service in Patna is an automobile inclusive of helicopters or non-public jets. All the specified medical gadget that might be required to shop patients existence is ready in those cars. The invention of those become made viable to get the patients to the health care centers on time and to growth the possibility of medical resource available to far off areas. Highly qualified and nicely-skilled professionals are recruited in them for giving the desired first resource as well as medical care. Even in disaster management, these have been established to be handiest.

Air ambulance service in Patna cost is not fixed and might vary between one patient and another patient. Aviation air ambulance services in Patna have now been made commercial air ambulance in Patna by many service companies providing the service at a high cost. We understand the need for air ambulance in Patna, which is why we have kept our prices affordable. We even provide ICU air ambulance in Patna at a comparatively lower rate. Just because they weren’t capable of getting to the hospital at the very crucial degree of their lifestyles as wished, maximum of the people, particularly in India, lose their life. Human Care Air Ambulance’s air ambulance service will provide emergency clinical desires for the ones people who are living inside the outskirts and places away from the city. Our services are geared up to be furnished to various elements of India can also that be located anywhere in India, from our gift hubs at Ahmadabad, Patna, Ranchi Kolkata, Surat, New Delhi, and Kerala. Well-skilled provides emergency services to the victims and patients who’re in severe conditions; we’ve recruited surprisingly professional, full-fledged, exceptionally skilled scientific staff.

These staffs of ours are nicely skilled in emergency care protocols that need to be completed in the pre-clinic phase. All of them are taken into our Human Care Air Ambulances handiest after being strictly examined on their abilities. Over a decade returned itself, Human Care Air Ambulance had got its know-how in air ambulance emergency services all over India. After the launches of services in Patna, Kerala, and Ranchi also, Human Care Air Ambulance has discovered a gradual growth within the variety of patients who’re using those services at us.

Thanks to our partnerships that we have could throughout India with many aviation companies, that we are capable of switch masses of patients in a year by way of air to hospitals on an average. These helicopters aren’t much like any everyday helicopters. These had been manufactured entirely work purpose of transporting patients in an emergency. In all of the air transfers, a scientific crew with the revel in emergency departments is made to be had to take care of the patients. Exclusively for air transportation, we’ve recruited the staff that are well skilled and notably certified and involves emergency physicians and paramedics.

Not just that, these services are additionally available for pediatric patients who require extensive care than others. Almost all emergency situations are protected by using us along with all types of accidents and emergencies. Human Care Air Ambulance services can be used to shift patients in essential conditions as onboard; we keep all of the existence-saving equipment. Even organs like heart, liver, kidneys, and many others from mind dead patients for transplantation into emergency patients located at distinct locations are transported in our air Ambulances. Our air ambulance services are made handy to the patients all around the south, central, and northern India because of the growth of our community and the existing services.

Our venture and vision

Our task is to serve best and certified aero-scientific services for the duration of India proper away in any kind of emergency situation. Our vision is to bring the highest reasons for demise in emergency conditions, to the least possible motive. We had been working with best a single purpose of saving the lives of numerous humans at their critical hour.

HUMANCARE, a top world-class emergency patient transportation provider in India, is offering the best air ambulance services in Patna for the patients who are in need of immediate or emergency medical care in Patna city and nearby. At HUMANCARE, our air ambulance service is a comprehensive patient transfer solution, backed by a team of experienced doctors, flying medics and paramedic technicians. We offer domestic medical air ambulance services that are fully equipped with the most advanced emergency medical equipment and technology.

At HUMANCARE, our emergency medical crew and paramedics have gone through renowned critical care training programs such as emergency medical care, pre-hospital care and extracorporeal membrane oxygenator services etc. All our doctors are well-trained and highly experienced professionals who can help patients with all types of emergency medical treatment services. Our technicians use advanced treatment techniques and the latest life-saving equipment to stabilize the patient’s medical emergency in no time.

Call now +91- 9699999065 to get more information about HUMANCARE’s Air Ambulance Services in Patna, Bihar India.

About Patna City:

Patna is an ancient and historical city  which is also known as Pataliputra. It is the capital city of Bihar, India. The city lies about 290 miles northwest of Kolkata. Patna city is along the south bank about 12 miles of Ganga river.

Patna city has all sorts of schools and hospitals for the residents. People here have so many boarding and lodging facilities across various religious centres such as SIKH’S Gurudwara, Hindu temples and mosques etc. The city is highly renowned for historical places like Bihar museum, Ḥusayn Shah of Bengal mosque, Gurudwara, Golghar, Patna Museum, University of Patna etc.

As per Times of India, 1700 road accidents were reported in Patna last year. The poor urban transport facilities, inadequate mass transport system, violation of traffic rules, rash vehicle driving are major causes of road accidents in Patna. Emergency and non-emergency patient transport at HUMANCARE allow airlifting of patients who are unable to travel on the ground (road) transport for medical treatment. We offer world-class quality air ambulance services at very affordable prices in Patna.


  • Medical transfers: In emergency or catastrophe situations, most of the patients require instantaneous hospitalization. Delay in-floor transport might also result in the death of such patients. In such situations, it turns into important to transfer the affected person by means of air. Our services had been verified to be more than effective in such transfers.
  • Trauma emergency transfers: Even in emergencies, some trauma-related situations need medical assistance from the very 2d the patient gets injured. Even whilst the patient is being transferred, medical assistance turns into a must. This calls for the medical system to be had in the automobile getting used to switching. At the service, our patients with these types of equipment wanted every time.
  • Planned air switch: There are some patients who have no emergency but want to wait for the medical institution for their treatment. However, they can not be taken to the medical institution like all of us else. Due to this, they require specialized air transfer to the hospitals which can be also provided at us. Also, medical assistance is furnished to them on board by using our specialized crew.
  • Organ Retrieval: In a few of the brain dead patients, organs are still in working circumstances and may be made use of they are transplanted into others’ bodies. The hassle is that these organs won’t live alive for too long outdoor the body. This is why they want to be transported with the aid of air to attain the vacation spot on time. We have a specialized crew for such transfers.
  • ECMO transfers: ECMO that stands for Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation is a lifestyles-saving procedure, which additionally is furnished by means of us to the severely unwell patients. Crew specialized in it are also furnished by way of us on board.
  • Neonatal and Paediatric transfer: Unlike adults, conditions get extreme to pediatric patients and neonatal. They require special interest and Paediatricians on board. We constantly have all of the specializations protected on board.
  • High-hazard obstetric patients: Similar to the one’s pediatric patients, even geriatric patients want unique help that is furnished through us in conjunction with fantastic hospitality.
  • Disaster management: During disasters, there is a large need for such air ambulances. We have huge air ambulances which could take a couple of patient at a time to hospitals without delay.
  • Evacuation flight: Even if people want to be evacuated from an area prior to a disaster, we provide our services through specialist’s help. Some of such evacuations might be earthquakes, volcanoes, battle zones, biomedical hazards, etc…


  • All you need to do is contact our emergency response carrier and provide primary records available, regarding the emergency and different earthquakes details. These details may additionally include the motive for injury, age, gender, and bodily circumstance of the patient alongside the wide variety of patients at the site in which the incident took place.
  • After assessment of the clinical circumstance of the affected person via your solutions to cardinal questions by means of our paramedic on the name, you may be provided with an on-name First resource provider that might be needed to control the patient’s health circumstances consistent as our medical help is on the way.
  • The mode of Transportation whether to be Ground and/or Air Ambulance could be determined by means of our paramedic or doctor who could be alerting the emergency dispatch management unit. Also, the gadget desires will be informed to get them arranged with none delay.
  • Initially, onsite number one clinical care can be provided by using the ground ambulance, which later shifts the Patient to the nearest health care center to keep the vital hour of the patient’s existence. Also, the patient’s circumstance is assessed at this level simplest, to make sure that all the desired system and scientific useful resource is made to be had to patients on the manner to air ambulance or onboard too.
  • Patient if wished is then transferred to the helicopter landing zone, which is predetermined by our community within the floor ambulance. Even inside the air ambulance, paramedics, nurses, docs, and specialists along with pediatricians are present to take care of the patients at the same time as they’re on board and if any first useful resource is to receive to them.
  • After touchdown at a vacation spot touchdown zone, which is about to be the nearest available medical institution required for treating the patient, the patient can be taken to the nearest medical institution among many of the ones, which might be incorporated in our community, for immediate care.
  • We provide a lot of these services at the cheapest value when compared to many other companies. We fee on an hourly foundation which makes it handy and affordable. Due to an increase in requirements, we too are expanding in numbers and are putting in our branches in many different places across India, in order that we could grow to be on hand to everyone who’s in need of us everywhere in India from north to south and east to west.

What made us the best?

Our staffs are properly professional and fairly qualified. We are punctual and experienced in saving lives. Among many exclusive such services, ours is the most inexpensive and superb in quality. We service tailor-made answers to our patients as no longer all of them have identical necessities. Our air ambulance services are provided with global necessities for our patients. We have many multi-specialty hospitals connected to our services for smooth patient access and emergency services. We may be contacted 24/7 and also are our services furnished to patients. Our fulfillment price in lifestyles-saving is likewise very excessive when as compared to many one-of-a-kinds such services providing businesses in India. We even are growing our services to worldwide hospitals if the patients in our air ambulance are in want of them and could afford international transport. Soon in India, we are able to be amongst the nice in India to provide international air switch through our air ambulances in conjunction with professional paramedics at affordable fees on time.

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