Human Care Air ambulance services in Chennai offer timely air aviation ambulance to the citizens of the city at times of medical emergency. We serve the people of Chennai with the affordable Emergency and Non Emergency air ambulance services in Chennai. Well qualified aero-medical doctors and nurses accompany the patients till the time they reach the hospital with world class medical facilities for a detailed treatment. All this is closely looked into by our team of aero-medical doctors and nurses. In addition to emergency ambulance services, we also provide mortuary services at times of need. All this and more makes ABC, the topmost name in the list of best air ambulance services in Chennai.

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Our air ambulance aviation in Chennai is fully equipped with handy medical equipments for emergency life sustenance such as stretchers, oxygen cylinders, pacemakers, monitors and ventilators and other such requirements. We also make sure to proper the patient with emergency medications, monitor the condition of the patient and provide them with the superior nursing car on the flight.

4 Reasons that distinguish Human Care Air Ambulance Company from others:

Our Emergency and Non Emergency air rescuers in Chennai are renowned country wide for a wide spectrum of reasons. The top most four reasons that distinguish us from other Medical air ambulance aviation in Chennai India are as follows:

  • Our team is full of experienced, courteous and highly trained staff comprising of doctors, nurses, crew pilot, flight attendants and others.
  • We are passionate for orchestrating the most comfortable yet safe flights for our patients and also provide them with the latest medical equipments.
  • We are dedicated to provide our aero-medical ambulance services effectively at all times of the day and all days of the year.
  • We are committed to provide the most affordable air ambulance services in Chennai India by providing a competitive pricing package without compromising with the quality of our services.
  • We provide the widest network of patient transport service with a prompt action and humanitarian approach.

In addition to this four point agenda, we make sure to provide the top air ambulance services in Chennai by ensuring continuity of care superior in terms of quality to all the patients in both a basic life support flight and also on a critical care flight.

Other Special Services of Human Care Patient Transport Company :

In addition to medical repatriation provided by the best air ambulance services in Chennai, the other special service that they provide includes:

  • Disaster Management services by air lifting the injured people from the affected place at times of disaster.
  • Relief Programs that help provide advance medical help in case of emergency and without going through the rigours of travelling by road.
  • Organ transportation for a quick transplant and speeding up the entire process of organ transplantation for safe survival of patients with specific organ damage.
  • Rescue Services that help rescue the patients at times of emergency.

We take into consideration the foremost importance of fast patient transport service to the hospital at times of emergency. Special assistance is also provided in form of thoughtful attendants that help in making the boarding quick, effective and comfortable while taking extreme care of the safety of the patients.