What services does Human Care Air Ambulance offer?

We provide worldwide medical evacuation and repatriation services as well as medical assistance for travelers abroad. We also offer pre-travel medical advice, medical concierge services and medical services such as medical evaluation and medical monitoring.  We also offer a Membership program for frequent travelers.

What is Medical Evacuation?

Medical evacuation is a medical-assisted transportation of a patient from one location to another for emergency medical treatment. A medical evacuation moves the patient from a facility that is inadequate for treatment to a hospital that is better suited to give the patient the most appropriate medical care.

What is your Geographical Coverage and Network?

Human Care Air Ambulance offers air ambulance transfers to destinations worldwide.   We have extensive experience in international evacuations around the world. We can arrange for our medical team to transport the patient on a long-range aircraft or as a more cost-effective solution, arrange for a stretcher to be placed on a commercial aircraft. Human Air Care Ambulance has evacuated patients from India, Singapore, Guam, Japan, Europe, the Middle East, and Central and South America and many other countries throughout the world.

How much does a medical evacuation on an air ambulance cost?

The cost of an air ambulance evacuation is dependent on several factors. Among which is the location of the patient, the evacuation destination and the type of air ambulance available at that point of time. Other factors include the specialization of the medical escorts and the medical equipment needed for the evacuation. We require the patient’s medical reports to determine the best arrangement for the patient.

To provide you with an accurate quote, we require the information mentioned above before we can determine the actual cost of a medical evacuation. For assistance, please call us at +919699999061 / +919699662266 for a quote.

Will the cost of the air ambulance transport be covered by my insurance?

Most travel insurance products include coverage for medical evacuation. However, as we are not in the insurance business, we are not equipped to provide you with a comprehensive answer. Please check with your insurer on coverage details, especially with regard to terms, conditions and exclusions of your policy.

What form of payment does Human Care Air Ambulance accept?

We accept payment by cash, bank transfer and credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Union pay, JCB, American Express).

When Will I Require an Air Ambulance?

Patients that need to be transported long distances and require life support and/or are unable to sit upright in a commercial airliner will require an air ambulance. Some of the patients Human Care Air Ambulance typically transports on an air ambulance include:

  • Patients injured while on vacation needing to be flown home;
  • Patients with serious medical conditions needing transportation to a medical centre that has capabilities unavailable locally;
  • Chronically-ill patients who want to relocate closer to family members.
  • Patients who are traveling and become ill or injured requiring emergency evacuation back to their homeland.

How much time is Required to make flight arrangements for the patient?

Flights can be scheduled the same day as the initial phone call. If you need an urgent transportation, please call us immediately and we will start making the appropriate travel arrangements.

What does “bedside to bedside” medical transport mean?

To ensure continuity of care and service, Human Care Air Ambulance medical team is with the patient from the very beginning and stays with the patient for the entire journey. Our team meets with the patient at the discharging facility and stays with the patient on the flight and until arrival at the receiving facility. Our team also accompanies the patient in the ground ambulance to the tarmac, constantly monitoring the patient’s condition while offering comfort and support. Human Care Air Ambulance medical team will also brief the receiving medical team to ensure they are up to date on the patient’s current condition.

What type of medical escorts does Human Care Air Ambulance provide?

Quality of care is our top priority. Typically, an ICU-trained flight nurse and physician attend to the patient on-board the aircraft. Staffing is determined after discussion among our medical panel. If warranted by the patient’s medical condition, respiratory therapists, pediatric and neo-natal physicians, or perfusionists will be staffed.

Do you have the capability to supply a neonatal or pediatric team to transport infants and small children?

Yes, our medical specialist teams are trained neo-natal and pediatric physicians and nurses and are equipped to take care of infants in incubators.

Is Human Care Air Ambulance able to transport premature babies?

When premature babies are born earlier than expected they are particularly vulnerable and sensitive as not all of their bodily functions are fully developed. As such they need a warm environment, because they are not yet able to regulate their body temperature in the same way as adults do. To achieve this, they are placed into special incubators. If necessary, they can be artificially respirated and given infusions. If premature babies need to be transported from one hospital to another, it is vital that they receive continuous treatment and medical care. Human Care Air Ambulance uses special transport incubators that have been designed to allow babies to be treated under constant conditions and without interruption.

What assurances are there that the aircraft is safe?

All of the air ambulances Human Care Air Ambulance use for medical transportation are registered in Australia and are based at Seletar Airport.  These air ambulances are regulated by the Australian Civil Aviation Civil Authority (CASA). They enforce very stringent regulations that outline pilot training and aircraft operation and maintenance. Human Care Air Ambulance ensures that all of our air ambulances meets or exceeds all of these guidelines. In addition, all of Human Air Car Ambulances are designed and equipped for all weather operation and have outstanding safety records.

What do I need to prepare for before the medical transport flight?

The patient and all the accompanying passengers should have a valid passport and applicable visa. You need to decide on the date of medical transfer, the destination medical facility and the receiving physician of your choice. Human Care Air Ambulance offers assistance in selecting the choice of medical facility and treating physician.

Can a family member come with the patient on board the air ambulance?

Up to three family members or companions are welcome to accompany the patient on the air ambulance flight. However please understand that the patient will always be the first priority and the following factors will have to be taken into account when deciding whether to let a family member on-board:

  • Condition of patient.
  • Whether any special medical equipment which takes up extra space is required to be brought on-board the aircraft.
  • Whether additional medical escorts are required
  • Whether there is seat availability.

How long is the flight?

Flight times depend on the type of aircraft used, distance to the destination and changes in weather. We will be able to provide you with an estimate of the duration of your flight once all preliminary information is received.

How much luggage can I bring?

Luggage is limited to 2 small to medium sized bags, typically no larger than a carry on bag for a commercial airline. The aircraft is outfitted with a significant amount of medical equipment and space is limited. The patients care always takes priority. Our customers usually forward non-essential items before the transfer.

Are meals served on the air ambulance?

Yes, we offer catered meals for family members and for patients if indicated. We will also try our best to accommodate special diets and requests.