We can’t stop mis-happenings, but we can always save lives by taking them to hospitals on time. Though we have road ambulances, they aren’t that fast to deliver the patients on time. When a patient in danger, every passing minute is a threat to their life, and that’s why a fast option is required to reach on time. Air ambulance services are the best option in such cases because they are not only speedy but are also unaffected of traffic. When the distance is long, and you have a very little time, air ambulances are your way.

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All are ambulance comes with specialist team of doctors to give them proper care though out the journey.

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Yes, Human care air ambulance is affordable and premium medical care. We want to save as many lives we can that our mission.

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We believe in dedicated services, and that’s why we are always with you whenever you need us. We don’t see day or night and Monday or Sunday, it’s our duty, and we do that in any phase of the day or the week. Our 24×7 air ambulance service in India makes sure that no call is left unattended so that we can help you in the most critical situations. Call us whenever you need our services, and we will be right there in no time. Even if you don’t have our contact saved in your phone, you can have that from our website. You can know the air ambulance price by calling us.

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Patients in life-threatening circumstances are transported rapidly using air ambulances. Air ambulances, like ordinary ground ambulances, are equipped with medical equipment and staffed by medical personnel. Typically, helicopters are used as air ambulances.

The cost of hiring an aircraft, incidental bed-to-bed transfer expenses, and the cost of deploying medical staff personnel are all elements that influence air ambulance prices. Depending on the flight distance, an air ambulance might cost anything from Rs 2.5 lakh to Rs 18 lakh each patient transport.

Air ambulance service in available in India in almost all major cities and airports. Human care Air Ambulance is the largest ambulance service in India. Where,  some are run by hospitals while some are run under government bodies. They provide end-to-end patient care for domestic and international air ambulance evacuations.

Air ambulance will generally consist of a crew of three members. The crew usually consists of a pilot and two paramedics. There can also be a doctor, nurse, and physicians on the crew. Doctors are not a mandatory member. They usually join flights during free time when required.

Our Air Ambulance service is all that you need in a critical situation. Our air ambulances are not only equipped with all the life support systems but also have a complete team of professionals to monitor the situation on the way to the hospital. Human Care Air Ambulance services connect you to the farthest places in no time, and the best thing is our services are spread in multiple cities, making it possible for you to reach on time and come back comfortably. Patients are the priority, and that’s why we make everything more comfortable for you. We not only take care of high clinical standards in the air ambulance but also make sure that the patient has all the comforts. The core focus is on providing hassle-free, and safe patient transportation services in the city. You can believe what we say because this is all based on people’s experiences with us. Air ambulance is undoubtedly expensive. Since it comes with a lot of benefits especially in an emergency, we tend to go for it for the sake of our loved ones lives. We know the pain of losing someone because of a lack of money, and that’s why we try to make the services as affordable as possible without compromising over quality.

The dedication of our team towards their work can be easily understood by the efforts they do to be on time and delivering the patients on time. So, whenever you need an air ambulance service call us. We are just a ring away from you.