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Human Care Cardiac and Air Ambulance Services have the repute of offering the top-quality Private Chartered Flight ambulance services within and outside of India. We aim to save lives by providing ambulance services round-the-clock. Our Flying ICU is well-equipped with every multi-specialty aerospace and medical care offered by professionals at anywhere any time, to save lives. Keeping it affordably priced, we have been offering world-class facilities of the ambulance through Private Chartered Flights. The mission of our company is to ensure air ambulance for each and everyone out there.

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All are ambulance comes with specialist team of doctors to give them proper care though out the journey.

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Latest Equipment and proper medicines availability which ensure the safety of patient.

Affordable Caring

Yes, Human care air ambulance is affordable and premium medical care. We want to save as many lives we can that our mission.

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The panel of doctors at Human Care Cardiac and Air Ambulance Services offers telephonic consultation for making sure that the patient stays stable before taking off. Along with this, the team of doctor travels along with the patient for taking control of an emergency. All in all, our Company offers one of the most convenient Private Chartered Flight ambulance services across the Globe. Not only are we more accessible, but we also offer an extensive variety of possibilities for everybody to travel across the Globe at any point.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. A chartered flight would cost you a lot more than just buying a plane ticket. The plane ticket will cost you approximately around Rs. 3000. Whereas, to charter a flight, you will be charged around Rs. 5 lakh per hour.

In simple words, Yes. But you need prior permission from the Aviation Regulator to fly internationally. Then you will be provided with a flight plan and regulation from the ATC with which you can fly internationally with the private jet.

  • Before we make flight arrangements, the medical co-ordinator consults with the physician of the patient and examine the latter’s medical condition as related to air travel, and ensures “fit-to-fly” status.
  • Every arrangement that is made is based upon the medical necessity.
  • The medical air transfer’s sensitive nature is emphasized by our service that guarantees confidence, reliability, and precision.
  • Human Care Cardiac and Air Ambulance Services offer the instant state-of-the-art “airlifting” service to those patients who can’t undergo excessive traveling abroad however, require urgent and advance medical help.
  • Our Private Chartered Flight is configured particularly to the transport patients (somewhat like the flying hospital room with appropriate equipment and a stretcher).
  • Every staff member of our Company is well-equipped with every necessary monitoring along with life-saving equipment which might be needed for the patient.

The network of the experienced support team and specialized doctors in our flights enables us to provide you with international and national patient transports. We, at Human Care Cardiac and Air Ambulance Services, provide you with the best pricing in the market. As the leading industry force, our Company gets preferred pricing, an advantage that we pass along to you. However, pricing is not the only area in which we excel as our network also has an extensive selection of private chartered flights.

  • You as well as your family has a lot to worry about, so with our ambulance services, we assure you to save time along with saving lives, which is both a necessity and our priority.
  • Our dedicated staff members work 24×7 and deliver the best each time and that is why with us around, you will always be in reliable hands.
  • Every private chartered flight ambulance of ours is fitted with dynamic and futuristic equipment, cautiously curated for never failing the needs of the patient.
  • The geographical reach of Human Care Cardiac and Air Ambulance Services is impressive and vast as we will reach out to you in the remote locations as well as effectively take you to the desired healthcare facilities across the Globe.
  • Our team is ready to adapt to any circumstance, be it the mass disaster, trauma scenario, or any other type of medical emergencies.
  • Along with this, we offer the best possible en-route care as well, the credit goes to our well-experienced and ace medical experts.

Human Care Cardiac and Air Ambulance Services shoulder the responsibility of offering you the bedside-to-bedside service. We make sure to perform a detailed screening of every pilot and aircraft. As they say, time is money and for us, time is everything. It is your most precious asset. So, when you rely on us in your critical situation, your safety and time remain our top-most priority.

We create a smooth private jet flying experience which is special to your requirements every time you fly with us. Our Company offers special help at the airport for comfortable and speedy boarding. Arrangement of the portable lifesaving equipment such as ventilators, defibrillators, spine board, infusion pumps, pacemakers, balloon pumps, oxygen cylinders, monitors, stretchers, as well as everything else needed for maintaining optimum safety and health.