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Top 10 Questions About Air Ambulance Answered: Know Everything Here

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Air Ambulances are flying ICUs used for transferring patients domestically as well as across borders. These ambulances have a special medical setup which are capable of transferring critical patients in a limited time frame. Such services have proven, past records in saving lives of people which gets engaged in an accidents, physical traumas, international medical trips or repatriating patients back to their home country. 

Q1. Why do patients need Air Ambulance Services?

A1. Air Ambulance is mostly opted when there is an emergency transfer of patient who are seeking for a swift and précised medical aid. These services are also useful for transferring organ as it saves time which is a critical part in organ transplant. Patients also utilize such services who are seeking for tertiary care treatment in some medical advanced countries. It is also used to transfer one patient to their home country for long term medical care.

Q2. On what factors does air ambulance cost measure?

A2. The air ambulance cost depends upon various variable factors including Patient’s condition, flying sector, war zone area, aircraft leasing cost, aircraft type, fuel expenses, airport permits, landing permits, air and ground clearances, aviation approvals etc. These factors directly or indirectly are associated with the cost fluctuations and the cost is based on daily calculation. An average cost of air ambulance in India ranges from INR 5 lakhs to 35 lakhs.

Q3. Do air ambulance doctors get paid for their services?

A3. The air ambulance doctors are highly skilled, trained and certified professionals. Rendering their expertise, they are compensated by an amount which depends upon the sector, condition of the patient, and medical specialization.

Q4. What Is the procedure for hiring an air ambulance?

A4. The client has to contact the air ambulance company and provide the required information in the form of Medical Summery of the patient, sector for the repatriation and the date of fly. Upon submitting all the relevant documentations, the air ambulance provider will share the quotation and once the quotation is accepted the further procedures are initiated by the provider.

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Q5. Does the Air ambulance include only helicopters?

A5. Yes, air ambulance do include helicopters but due to the lack of helipads and the range of helicopters, aircrafts are majorly used across the globe to repatriate patients.

Q6. How do you transfer a patient by air ambulance?

A6. The air ambulance has a special medical setup which are capable of transferring critical patients. Sky ICCU facilities are provided onboard which includes portable medical equipmets including Ventilators, Monitors, Suction Machines, Syringe Pumps, AED etc. A critical care expert medical crew including doctor and paramedic will be onboardaccompanying the patient thought the journey rendering extensive care to the patient.

Q7. Do airlines refuse to transfer sick passengers?

A7. Currently there are few airlines which allows patient to travel. But there are specified protocols laid by the airlines which are observed and the airlines may reject the case as per their medical protocols if the patients is more critical or has an infectious disease.

Q8. Who should avoid traveling by airplane ambulance service?

A8. There is no such restriction on travel for patients but yes there are medical protocols which the patient has to follow inorder to have a smooth transfer without any mishap. It is a myth that cardiac patients cannot fly. 

Q9. Is Air Ambulance service provided in India?

A9. Air ambulances are provided in India. The air ambulance can transferpatients PAN India and abroad.

Q10. Does a bed-bound person have permission to get transferred through an air ambulance?

A10. Yes, various airlines provide a bed-bound patient that can be transferred through commercial aircrafts. Indeed, they allow stretchers on international air ambulances.

Hope you got answers to all your queries regarding air ambulance services.